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CharacterFX available for free now! 22-Sep-2008
From now on, CharacterFX is available as Freeware - you can use it free of charge, without any restrictions, for as long as you like. If CharacterFX asks you to register, you can use the following registration details to continue using it free of charge:

Username: CFX4FREE
Registration Key: 5b2fe4
Minor Website Update 08-Dec-2003
Just a minor website update. Unfortunately Real Game Tools is out of business, so there is no DarkBasic Professional + CharacterFX bundle offer anymore.
New Characters! 16-May-2003
We just added two characters to the resources section, a ninja and a zombie, all made by Psionic. Thanks a lot!
Partnership with Real Game Tools 07-Mar-2003
We are proud to announce a partnership with Real Game Tools, co-creator of DarkBASIC Professional. If you buy DarkBASIC Professional now, you will get a full version of CharacterFX for free! DarkBASIC Professional is a lightning fast DirectX 8.1 based game engine, coupled with a simple but powerful programming language and compiler - the ideal tool for game developers! For more information please visit the Real Game Tools website.
New website 06-Mar-2003
Welcome to our newly designed website!
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